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Amber-ish coloured glass "thing" - ID = Bryce Bros

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Hi Folks,

Well, the beautiful sparkles through the amber-y colour
got me on this one so I bought it but for the life of me I can't
figure out what it was used/made for. Anyone ever seen one of these?
I paid a whole .50 cents Canadian for it at my fave 2nd hand store :D

It's about 2 and a half inches high and 4 and a half inches across
the bottom and is quite thick glass. The piece is "all one piece as opposed to a cuplike thing with a separate saucer" No makers  marks or anything. It really is quite an amazing definate cut-looking design, like cut crystal. Would this be what you glass addicts folks call "pressed glass"? :D  I ask this because  I also see trace of a line which makes me think it was molded (I used to make molds for jewelry and always had to clean up the mold lines ;) ) but the definition of the "cut designs" is quite well done but I think too "smoothed" to be direct cuts.

As ever, thanks for any replies, answers about what it's for and who might have made it even more so ;)


My guess is that it's a one-piece fairy lamp.
Fairy lamps are small candle lamps or night lights.The small tea-light or votive type candle sits on the dish, & radiates its soft glow through the shade or dome that rests on the dish/base.
They have been made from the 1880s to the present day,in all different types  of glass, & many shape & design variants.
Usually they are in 2 or even 3 parts, but Fenton made some 1-piece ones.
Yours is pressed glass, but I'm not certain of age or maker.
Maybe it is Fenton.....or probably of American origin at least.
Try putting a small candle (eg. a tea-light) in it. It will look very pretty!
Hope this helps! :)

Thanks Marinka ;)

This little piece is wickedly lively with the sun shining through it. I get bright sunlight through the kitchen window every late afternoon and evening and that's where it does it's sparkles and intense glows. I love it!

I don't know how old or young it is, but I see absolutely no signs of wax where candles would surely have dripped and left residue, and I wouldn't want to put a candle in it because I'd hate to have wax drips in it, they're a horror to remove.

So ... a "fairy lamp" is a possibility then ... and pressed glass it is. Thank you for all the info you gave.

By the way ... Happy Anzac Day (belated by a day?)


My first thought was that it might be a honey, without its lid. But then I looked at the dimensions you'd given and I changed my mind. Too tiny.

Husband (Steve) took a look at it and he has suggested a match or spill holder. The size is right for that.

Oh and yes, it is pressed glass. A most interesting piece.


Tip for removing wax.....I put items in the freezer for a while....wax gets rock hard but then it just "flicks" off easily....It really works, but not sure if it good for the glass, although no problems so far.  I have only done it so far with chunky 30's candlesticks,  haven't tried anything more I take no responsibility for any damage for this suggestion.  I do not recommend putting item in warm water until the freezing process has truly finished!!!!!


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