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Amber-ish coloured glass "thing" - ID = Bryce Bros

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Yes, I was wondering about a pickle! The fixed under-dish being for a spoon.

I've not seen a toothpick holder with a fixed under-tray like that (but then I haven't made a study of toothpick holders, so I'm not really qualified to judge).

I keep wondering if it has a part missing - something that would be on top. And just for a smile, the only reasonably matching shape I have come across (but not the pattern, so this is not an attempt at a geniune answer) is in Lechler's "Toy Glass" - and is an ice cream cone holder!


I went back & looked at the pics again, & after reading everyone's ideas, I'm starting to doubt my fairy lamp attribution.
I think one-piece fairy lamps are open at the base, for ease of placing a candle.
Oh well, I'm o.k with admitting I was wrong!
It's all a learning experience! :)

Here is a Monart toothpick holder:

Oh that's cute! Did any other makers do that shape?


Hi Kanadiana,

I don't know who made your piece, but admitting my age lol! I do know that it is for wooden matches.

When I was a kid (1950s- early 60s era) many folks kept little dishes like this on their kitchen stoves and I believe the match companies offered them as a premium. Some of these even have the match company logo pressed into the bottom. The one we had said "Safety Match" on it.

This was back in the day before pilot lights were common on kitchen stoves and you had to light the burners and the oven using a match. The tray part on the bottom is for setting spent matches in to cool. The spent matches that weren't burned down far could be re-lit on a burner that was already lit and used to light another burner, at least that is how we did it and maybe it was because my parents were kids of the great Depression and taught not to waste anything.

I don't know what they were called, but I would say they were like a more modern version of a spill-vase, but for wooden matches instead. --- Mike


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