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Amber-ish coloured glass "thing" - ID = Bryce Bros

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--- Quote ---And on the subject of match holders and spills, I don't believe they all have "strikers". I know that matches used to be struck anywhere and everywhere (fire grate, wall, even the bottom of boots!)
--- End quote ---

I hope the original poster does not mind but I could not resist Glen's remark ref my item

I know it has some age and is pressed glass in amberina - very well made with no nasty mould lines.

OK it's a shoe not a boot, but you get the idea - I think it is a match holder with the strike pad on the bottom or sole of the shoe (pic 3) - I have no idea about maker

5.25" long, 2.5" tall - opening is 3"L x 1"W x 1.2"D


Adam P


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