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Amber-ish coloured glass "thing" - ID = Bryce Bros

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Hi Kanadiana,
thanks for remembering Anzac day, it is today. It's still the 25th here, 6.00pm in the evening.
Maybe your fairy lamp was never used for it's intended purpose. As you have said, it is a lovely decorative item in it's own right.
They are very collectable. There is an excellent website dedicated to them-


--- Quote from: "Glen" ---Oh and yes, it is pressed glass. A most interesting piece.

--- End quote ---

GLEN: Thanks :) Yes, it's definately an interesting piece and a mystery to be solved LOL I'd thought of food or dining purpose at first, but now am not so sure.  What's the purpose of the flat saucer type flaring part if not to put something on? A little spoon? Used matches? Hmmmm, I wonder of there should be an ashtray with it? Fantasies run wild here LOL

I think a fairy light really is a possibility after browsing them a while ago ... but not sure at all. If a fairy light, then I think some kind of cover or lid should be with it?

Pressed glass ... there, I'm learning about glass here ... and am totally enjoying myself :)

I doubt it is a fairy lamp, does a tea candle fit in and not touch the sides? I am fairly certain it is a toothpick holder. Not high enough for a spill holder and match holders incorporated a striker. The tray is for the used picks.

Toothpicks makes sense ;)

I just dropped a tea candle and it fits the round bottom perfectly flush but the sides of the glass dome outward from the base so don't touch the sides of the candle.

I can't see anyone spending so much care on the whole "design" of this thing without considering ease in inserting and removing, and LIGHTING the candle though. A real pain to deal with the candle. It doesn't make sense. Toothpicks makes way more sense.

A mustard or condiment pot perhaps with saucer for spoon


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