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If you cannot find the information about a Registered Design in our GlassGallery album here: then please feel free to request a look up in the National Archives.

Some while ago it was suggested that we have a way of flagging up design number lookup requests, and I said I'd look into it, and then it slipped my mind! So, to address the issue, I'm making a sticky topic and you are invited to add your design number lookup as a simple reply to this topic. Then whoever visits the National Archives will have an easy to print off list to work from.

I suggest that each lookup request should be in a simple standard format as follows...

--- Quote ---Registered Design Number:
Date/Year (if known):
Link to topic on the board about the item (if there is one):
--- End quote ---

Please do not post any other info about the item in your request or it'll get too messy to extract the lookup details needed. Keep it simple and it should work for us. :)

Thank you, Paul, we really appreciate all of the lookups that you have done and all of the information that you have added to the board.

Thank you, Paul. Your input from your Kew trips to TNA have taken the study of British glass design registrations to a whole new level.


If you can find 794358 I'd be most grateful.   Presumably 1930s, it is somewhere between a Straw Dispenser & a Giant Sugar ditto.

It would be July 1934 but it's not in the Blue Book nor on the Great Glass number listing, so we'll need to wait for Paul.


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