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Some while ago it was suggested that we have a way of flagging up design number lookup requests, and I said I'd look into it, and then it slipped my mind! So, to address the issue, I'm making a sticky topic and you are invited to add your design number lookup as a simple reply to this topic. Then whoever visits the National Archives will have an easy to print off list to work from.

I suggest that each lookup request should be in a simple standard format as follows...

--- Quote ---Registered Design Number:
Date/Year (if known):
Link to topic on the board about the item (if there is one):
--- End quote ---

Please do not post any other info about the item in your request or it'll get too messy to extract the lookup details needed. Keep it simple and it should work for us. :)

Registered Design Number: 563868 to 563871
Date: 3 June 1910
Link to topic on the board about the item:;topicseen#new


Registered Design Number: 594129
Date: December 1911 or January 1912
Link to topic on the board about the item:,54922.0.html

Registers BT 53/90; Representations BT 52/386

Registered Design Number: 103975
Date: 17 July 1888
Link to topic on the board about the item:,54918.0.html

Registers BT 51/146; Representations BT 50/103

Rd No: 764704
Date  1 June 1931.,57666.0.html


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