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Would appreciate help with ID - czech vase?

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Hello  ;D

Have come across this clear glass vase with a smooth rim and blue and amber round sides. The colours are very similar to the Mstisov Rhapsody range but I have not found this form anywhere despite some in-depth research.

I would appreciate any information you can provide on this.


flying free:
Hello, I've had a good look around the board but can't find what I was looking for.  I think this or something similar to this shape and colour has been on the board before somewhere.  Hopefully someone will be along to help you out shortly :)
I did wonder whether it might be Chribska for some reason but I couldn't see it in the latest catalogue which has quite a few in it.

could it be by  FRANTISEK ZEMEK  ooops that is the rapsody range  ::)

Thanks guys

I think Chribska could be a possibility..I have found this catalogue page with the same colour combination, however not the shape...


There is a highly similar design that had an incarnation at Karlovarske Sklo in the 1960's 1970's, before becoming a Chribska design. Because of the difference in shape, this may be a factor worth considering. This is only recollection, I don't have time to go to Jindras' site and research it all in detail, but I am quite certain this is a possibility. There are Chribska catalogues there but the Karlovarske Sklo version may well appear in a CGR there too. Somebody with a better memory that I or who can search this board swiftly, may unearth some more details, but I think Karlovarske or Chribska are both options, it may have been attributed to Lipa . Can any board member recall this debate? (Admittedly, this maybe a research journey I made on my own........!)

Robert (bOBA)


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