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Czech Car Mascot/Badge

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I've bought this interesting car mascot, or badge.  It measures 8cm x 6cm.

The words 'BRANNYM MOTORISMEM'  'K OBRANE VLASTI!' 'SVAZARM' 'AUTOMOBILOVA SOUTEZ' are used.  I think Svazarm is the Czech army, and Automobilova Soutez is a car race...but apart from that I don't know what it all means.

There's a hammer & sickle and lion rampant if you look closely too.

I love the modernist look of the car, that's really the reason I bought it, plus the fact that I haven't seen one before.   Does anyone know anything else about it?  Thank you.   :D

Hiya Max, what era do you think it's from - it looks very deco/1930's to me - nice!

I know nothing about it other than I think it's fabulous, where on earth did you find it?

Hi Max,
This is post war, probably 1950's.
Please can you post a clear image of the section at the top.
Svazarm is "Federation"
K Obrane Vlasti = to defend the country"
almost certainly,
AUTOMOBILOVA SOUTEZ SVAZARM is Competion or Racing Car Federation.
"Motorising Conscripts to defend the country"
Hammer and sickle date this to post-1948.
Propaganda piece of good quality.

Pip Paul and Marcus

Thanks for your feedback.  :D I love this little piece of history, and I'd like to be able to see similar pieces, but I can't find anything on the net about this kind of thing.  :(

Marcus thanks so much for your interpretation of the wording, I actually thought it was earlier than 1950, but in hindsight, the car would be too modern then I

I'll post a better pic of the top as soon as I can.   :)


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