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This one's a bit of a mystery.  I really don't feel it's English, although I can't say what I think it is!   :?

It's only very slightly reactive to UV.  I didn't think it was at all, because the colour is not like my other uranium glass, being rather more olive green than most.  However, while checking the intensity of a couple of other little Stourbridge beauties I got today  which really 'zing' under UV, I was amazed to notice a very faint glow from this fella (which I call the Ice Cream Cone  :roll:  :lol: )  

The main body - the olive green bit - glows very faintly indeed and the clear and white more so, but still only quite faintly.  

Anybody got any ideas where it might be from?  And is it really Uranium, or could it be some other chemical which causes the glow?   :shock:  :?

I think it's the old manganese glow and not a uranium glow, is it sort of slightly orangey?


--- Quote from: "Lustrousstone" --- is it sort of slightly orangey?
--- End quote ---

No, not at all!   :shock:  It's a very pale misty grey-green   :?

I still think manganese, having just drawn the curtains and waved my UV light over a load of old non uranium glass. I meant pale green with a hint of orange, not just orange. Colour is a very subjective thing, after all.

No; just took husband into the downstairs cloakroom with the light off (ooh, Missus!   :shock: ) and a UV torch and he agrees - for once  :roll:  - there's no orange.  Just a pale sludgey green.


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