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We're all mad! Manganese is a fluoresence initiator and the colour of the light emitted seems to depend on what else is present. Uranium, however, fluoresces in its own right regardless of what else is present, hence always the same green, just varying intensity

Right!  So it's likely to be Uranium, but just not so much in the mix  :?

No, I'm pretty sure its manganese. You don't need to be in the dark to see uranium glowing, but you do need it pretty dim for manganese glow. Will try for a pic :shock:

Didn't manage a good enough pic, need to use the stronger UV light. But what you could do is try your UV light on some old non-uranium glass in the dark and see what colour glow that has, if any. Slightly sun purpled/greyish clear is a good bet for managese but a lot of pre 1950s coloured glass has the manganese glow. You should be able to see what I mean then.  :D


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