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Boda Pearl Diver vase

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Hi, I wonder if any of you Scandi experts can help me with this vase I bought recently.  It stands 29 cm high and appears to be a Boda equivalent to the Vicke Lindstrand Pearl Diver vases from the 1950s?   It is faintly marked "Boda 2538/1052" (it might be 1062 or 1082) on the base.  Ideally I'd like to know who designed it and whether it preceded or came after the Lindstrand Pearl Diver vases.

Thanks in anticipation,

I was at that auction but never got around to bidding on this one as there was so much interest. It is a huge old beast and that heavy optic ribbing is really effective with the engraving. A lovely and impressive piece of glass.


Thanks John, I must admit I missed the attribution to Boda and left a blind commission bid, not having seen the vase, on the basis that it was a Vicke Lindstrand piece.  I'm happy I bought it anyway but would like to know more about it.


I think you saw off a telephone bidder or two. There was also a stunning Richardsons jug at that auction, simple form but beautiful enamelling, that had plenty of interest too.

There are a couple of engraved Boda vases illustrated in one of the Pina books but there is little information. 20th Century Factory Glass by Lesley Jackson gives Boda's principle designer (1925 - 68) as Fritz Kallenberg. 

When I saw your vase I wondered if it predates the 50s.

Not much to add I'm afraid.

Afors items were sometimes signed Boda and a number after their merger.

Ernest Gordon worked with Lindstrand at Kosta before moving to Afors.
However it this is unlikely to be by him. He didn't do male figures that I have seen, and the style is not his.

Very intriguing - I hope you get a definitive answer.



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