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3 paperweights, 2 with makers 1 without


Hi --I have just obtained these 3 weights, Liskeard, Langham and 1 unknown they are about 7.5 centimeters across, I have been to the 2 websites of the known weights, not a lot of help, only found liskeard vases on ebay, are these sought after? any idea of value, any help at all really, thanks



Both the Liskeard and the Langham weight will sell on E-bay without problem - I will put my hand up for the Liskeard if you are thinking of selling !!!

Liskeard Glass was founded by Duncan Randall in 1973.  Its main product was tableware glass in two ranges named after the local rivers.  Some paperweights were produced but they were usually simple "tourist" weights - they are characterised by the impressed LG mark. Liskeard also did private commissions such as weights with a "y" or "st" impressed" Yelverton and St. Tudy.

Liam Carey was taken on as an apprentice in the mid 1970’s at the age of 16. Liskeard continued until 1978  when Liskeard Glass was sold to someone from the Isle of Wight although not the Harris family. It was renamed Liskeard Studio Glass and Liam worked for the renamed studio until 1983.

He then bought out the owner and renamed it Merlin Glass -  he still has a shop in Liskeard but most of his output - mainly door and cupboard knobs is sold via the internet.

Langham glass was founded in 1979 in Norfolk and is run by Paul Miller.

Re the unidentified weight - I would put my money on Mdina - a factory on Malta started by the Harris family .

Hope this helps



Thanks Derek,  

A lot of information for me to absorb, the unknown paperwieght came with a peice of abstract glass engraved mdina on th base so it may tie in. it seems a little bit to big for a weight at a kilo but marked mdina on the base, see pic.




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