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Does anyone know how many different ones there are out there? Is there a book about the Kosta Boda figures?
Many thanks for your advice :)

Welcome to the board.

There is no book that I know of that would be useful nor do I remember seeing any fish figures from Kosta Boda. Lindstrand designed a least one for Kosta though (before they merged with Boda).


My father collected 13 and a seal. They are part of the World Wildlife series, and I am wondering if there are any more to complete the set or if I've got all the fish. I have seen an otter and an eagle recently, but for American prices I can't pay...

Kjell Engman has done a Fish series 'In still water' & Ken Done designed some in the 80's you need deep pockets to collect these as they are limited editions.

Thank you both! Yes, on the bottom it says limited to 8,000. All seem to have been designed by Paul Hoff, and some have dates of the early 1980's on the bottom. The majority seem to have been made before the merger with Boda.
I had made the assumption that 8,000 is such a large number, to make the limited edition part of it less interesting. Does anyone know then how much they are worth? (Just in case I need to up my contents insurence, she says with more hope than expectation)
And still the question remains: How many different ones were made?


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