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Liquor/decanter bottle - ID = Flindari by Nanny Still for Riihiamaen Lasi

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Otis Orlando:
Not seen a bottle like this before.   The neck appears to have been applied later, that is, during the process stages.  The stopper is original and fits neatly into the neck.  With stopper inserted, the overall height is approx. 31.8cm.  I'm more than certain this bottle was made by the old traditional method.   The bottle has no uniformity to it, mainly around the patterned textured areas, shoulder and the sides that show wave markings, that were probably caused whilst in some sort of wooden cast/mould.   The only bottles I can recall seeing with this type of overlay around the top of the shoulder is codd bottles.   So dating this bottle I would think would be around the 1920's to 40's.   I hope someone can correct me on this and shine some light as to it's origin and more precise period.  :)  The polished pontil is approx. 3cm dia.  Around the pontil area only, is very smooth and uneven, with a lot of indentations and scratch marks.  I think the correct term maybe pitted.    At adjacent sides to the pontil, it is flat, polished and clear signs of ware.  This is the area that meets a flat surface.   I've tried researching this bottle, especially paying attention to the diagonal pattern design.  It is very clear to me that this bottle is very unique and they wouldn't be one the same.   The bottle so much reminds me of the textured pieces G. Baxter would make.    I maybe totally off track with this one being Whitefriars, but unfortunately I have no way of finding out due to limited and in some cases, no accessability on certain sites.   Oh! not forgetting, I placed my fingers in the neck of the bottle, focussing mainly around where the overlay is situated.  There are no signs of uneven surfaces, which now has left me a bit uncertain as to how the bottle was made.

Otis Orlando:
Additional pics.

Nice Scandinavian decanter in half-post technique. I should know the maker - I really should! Holmegaard? Boda? Definitely 1970s.

I totally agree with Ivo as I don't know either , ;D yes he is right not Whitefriars .

Flindari, designed by Nanny Still, Riihiamaen Lasi, so from Finland. Lovely.

Neodymium glass?



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