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Engraved vase with initials. ID please, if possible.

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Hello All,

I acquired this vase yesterday. I don't know who made it. :?
It is 20cm high and weighs 1.66kg.
The base is polished flat and the same colour as the vase.
The engraving is deep, detailed and well executed.
The vase itself is not signed, but next to the engraving are 2 initials. I can make out the 2nd one, it is an M. I have done my best to take photos, but it isn't easy. :oops:

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

The initials are only 3mm in size :?

As always, very many thanks for looking :D  and any info is wecome.
(I think Simone may like the butterflies :wink: )

The photo of the initials is really clear, I think you have done really well!
That said though they are really hard to make out. I agree the second does look like an 'm' The first could be either a 'j' or an 'f' I think.
I know this doesn't help much to i.d. it though!
Does the glass have a lead content?
It does look like some Kosta pieces I have seen. but any marks I have seen on them are usually on the bottom.

Hi Lou,

Thank you. :) Any thoughts are helpful. :P
My first thoughts were Orrefors, so we are of the same impression.
I would presume that it has a lead content as that makes for easier engraving etc. But to be honest, I don't know how to tell :oops:  :oops:  :oops: (showing my total lack of knowledge now)
I have looked in Ivo's book at the engravers of Orrefors. Only 2 (listed) have a surname beginning with M, Karl Müller (KM) and Rickard Möller (??)
I don't think it could be Karl Müller as he was there in the 20's.

If you take your vase out into the garden when it is sunny and look through the glass you may see a 'rainbow aura'. It isn't the same as an irridessence, it isn't on the surface of the glass. It is like lead crystal but the 'rainbows' colour isn't as strong.A lot of scandi pieces have a lead content to make the glass clearer.
 The first initial really could be K,R,F,B,J???? Look for an engraver who was also a doctor!!!!
It is a lovely piece, looks very touchable.

Hi Lou,
Well the sun is out, so I have been in the garden. I also took out a piece which I know is definitely Scandinavian and they both have the same 'look' in the sun.
I also noticed  :oops: that the piece isn't all one colour, it is cased, so ignore my comment in the first posting. :oops:

--- Quote from: "lucyw" ---an engraver who was also a doctor!!!!

--- End quote ---

 :lol:  :lol: That was going to be the original title of my posting.

It is 'touchable' too. :P


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