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Engraved vase with initials. ID please, if possible.

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Something about this vase shrieks "CAITHNESS".

I have a vase this shape, and Ray recently put up a picture of a rare Caithness art glass vase, made in the Wick Studio. Same shape as this!

The engraving and how it is marked also chorus "Caithness".

Have a look at the "Galleon" vase here.


Hi Sue,
 :lol:  :lol:

That is one gorgeous vase!
Thanks for the link.

I did try looking on the engravers website, but of course you need a name of the engraver to find out more, or at least 3 letters. :cry:

Unfortunately, the only markings on mine, are the initials. The quality of the engraving is amazing, I just wish I could capture it on a photo. :cry:  :cry:

:D :D :D

Hello Della,

This was the thread Ray's vase was in:-,4819.0.html
Mod: Link is broken. See,5552.0.html for more about Caithness and the Wick Studio

Just because it's not got the full markings that Ray's has, does not mean it's not Caithness! I've found Caithness can be marked in several ways, also, not marked at all. I think that if initials are present, it is artist engraved rather than factory-line stencilled and acid-etched, or at least, finished by the artist.
For example, I've seen a vase marked just "owl, '02", with a nice, but simple, owl acid etched on it.
I've got a neodynum vase with 2 illegible initials on it with an acid etched bird, but finished by hand with stipple engraving.
My other vase, which is similar to Ray's, but has no picture on it at all, has no mark at all.
I've seen nicely engraved pieces with the pattern name, eg "Autumn Leaves" and a couple of initials on it (can't remember the initials, sorry :oops: ).

Unless Ivo or Bill G leap in and say it's Scandanavian, I would think Caithness is your best bet.


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