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buy of the day hartley woods streaky vase


it measures a huge 14" high, green glass with darker green streaks, a nice cracked off pontil, the biggest i've seen in this style

click image larger photo

14 inches !!!
Is it the streaks and the cracked off pontil which make you think it's HW ?
Whats going on with the rim ?
Is it wobbly / wonky or a trick of the light ? If so is that further evidence of HW ?

All their vases were essentially end of day pieces ?

Is this signed? is that how you determined HW? curious...


all were end of day peter, i've never seen a straight rim on any and all the rims are very thick, all were made from left over stained glass as far as i know

Shoot! was hoping you were going to say some type of marking or siggy....I love your piece! it is very much my taste in glass :D



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