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Bohemia Glass labelled candlesticks - ID = Desna, Jablonec, 1985, Vaclav Hanus

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I've just this week found a pair of candle holders with Bohemia Glass stickers on them, and having searched the board found the archived thread which mentions these stickers but without pictures still available.  I've added a pic of the label to GlassGallery label album here:

and the candlesticks themselves are in my gallery here:

Posting this in case it adds any more to anyone's Czech glass research. :)

Hi Anne

Lovely pieces by the 'Bohemia Glassworks' Sklarny, Czechoslovakia (Bohemia) - good info pages 38 to 39 - L Jackson '20th C Factory Glass'

Can't come up with an exact designer, could be Dagmar Kudrova with the cut style - Marcus will know more.

Adam P

Hi Anne, David,
Please can I make it clear that the label is not specific to any one glass-works, but a AOC label(Appelation d'Origine Controlee) issued by Skloexport/Glassexport to show that the glass was made in Bohemia, and also glass type. These are sodium potash glass, as lead crystal carried a similar label stating naturally "Bohemia Crystal". That being the case, these are more likely to be from glass-works other than Bohemia Glassworks, as this was a lead crystal-making national corporation.

See ebay auction number 7394207976 for similarly marked candlesticks, but very definitely Desna, Jablonec, 1985, Vaclav Hanus, and sodium-potash glass.

Thanks for posting the image, Anne. I was surprised that there isn't one in Glass Marks.



Thanks Marcus

So L Jackson '20th C Factory Glass strikes' again - unless I am misreading.

Page 241 carries the label with the motif under Bohemia Glassworks, Sklarny.

Marcus how much of the Czech glass info in the book is correct?

I must buy that book you gave me a link to a.s.a.p.

Adam P

Marcus, you can add such errata to the Eooros in Print sticky,2963.0.html


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