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Four ids Needed mid century to Victorian

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I've some decisions to make at an upcoming auction, or at least I'd like to know enough just in case.
This first bowl could be English or Bohemian, but I'm hoping something will help nail the id.  It's rubena with a deep-crackle finish, actual little canyons, not internal crackle.  I know Kralik did a surface like this, but the rest of the style looks more English.  Maybe Webb or Stevens & Williams, polished pontil and generally good quality:

This covered dish is a diamond or sawtooth pattern, but I can't find anything like this mildly erotic handles:

This bowl makes me think Verlys, Lalique, or a Czech company whose name won't come to mind. There appears to be age wear, and the tone when lightly tapped is a true joy:

This mid century piece may be Chinese, but I'm intrigued.  It's a 7 1/2" Murano style Christmas tree. The base is applied:


Hi Forrest

Third bird is more likely to be Barolac - that was the one that did not come to mind ;-)

Christmas tree is definitely Barbini - I handled two of these on an antiques market the other day, one signed and one unsigned so both varieties occur.

The bowl might be Arabesque by S&W,although this technique tends to have a whitish efffect to the crackle-can't tell from the pic.
Definitely Victorian era, though.The shape & crimp style looks English,too.

Could the first be Webb's Burmese?   :?  I'd say English, probably Stourbridge, at the very least.  Fenton also did a 'Burmese' but they are usually marked.

I love the bowl with the odd handles!  Are they lions heads? :shock:

The third one isn't in the Barolac pattern catalogue that I have. It's a magnificent looking item though.



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