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Four ids Needed mid century to Victorian

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Doesn't look like Burmese, although the crimp style is found on Burmese items.Could even be a Webb crimp....
Burmese wasn't crackled in it's original Victorian incarnation (however, modern pieces made by Gibson glass from Fenton cullet sometimes are..)
The colouring looks more like a shaded ruby....if the base is amber, then it's Amberina, & if greenish (& U.V responsive) it's Rubina Verde.

Hmmmmm  :?  Looking at the first one again, I think the top edge is too deep red for Burmese.  I am now beginning to wonder if it's not even English!   :oops:  :roll:

Can we have a close-up of that 'crackle' finish?   :shock:

Thanks for the input so far.  Now it's a matter of seeing what prices these go for.  Three of them sell tonight, one on Sat.

The diamond/sawtooth covered dish has a top handle formed by two women leaning backwards with their hair coming together to make the handle complete.  End handles are individual figures.  The moulding isn't as good as I'd like, but it's intriguing.

I'll try to get a better picture of the rubena bowl tonight. It's the one that doesn't sell until Sat.



No. 2 is a covered bowl in the Amazon pattern issued by Bryce Bros. of Pittsburgh, PA. in 1890.  The figural handles are lions, not women.



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