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A fancy glass posy vase measuring 4¼ inches long and 3½ inches high. The base, stalk and leaves are in pale yellow uranium glass, the bowl (presumably depicting a crocus flower) is in amethyst glass; the base has a small circle of glass embossed with a registration number 177733.

RD no. 177733 was registered by John Walsh Walsh of Birmingham on 2nd September 1891.

The registered design representation is shown (as a design for a flower holder) on page 279 of Mervyn Gulliver’s “Victorian Decorative Glass – British Designs 1850-1914”

This example is clearly damaged – the uranium glass stalk has had at some stage a clean break and then been glued ; there is only one flower cup compared to the double cup of the drawing, and most (if not all) of the leaves seem to be missing – but it is the only photographed  example that I can find anywhere.

(Permission for the re-use of the images on GMB granted by John Tongue).


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