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Congratulations Kev


I was watching this from the outset, and knew it was right for you.

The first thing I noticed was the Vasart canes, which are so similar to the Pirelli paperweight I sold, and the strange, back-to-front 'S'.

I don't suppose you know why the central cane went in upside down?

Yet another little puzzle in the world of paperweights.  :?

I was watching also, but was leaving it to the specialists. Definitely interesting with an interesting signature cane.

Unlike this one which is claimed to have a Y or V(??) cane but seems to be a bog standard strathy close pack with an usual cane.
Could even be C for Clichy (tongue firmly in cheek here). or am I missing something?

I bid on the weight for the acedemic interest - not for any other reason. When I get it I'll see what the UV checks tell me.

Inverted canes (inserted upside down) are not particularly unusual. Richard More shows some in his web pages, including an inverted "S69" cane.

If it does prove to be an early weight, then it's an extra piece of evidence for that cane being made before the Strathearn years. Until quite recently, the cane was thought to be just found in Strathearn pieces, as shown in Andrew H Dohan's book Paperweight Signature Canes.

Whether this S cane could have been a signature cane for Salvador Ysart is something that some folk would like to be true, but which we may never really know for sure.


I think Martin is correct about the other weight mentioned. It's a standard Strathearn closepack with an "unusual-looking" cane. But is the cane anything particular? I think not.

Here's a close-up of a complex cane that appears in a labelled Vasart weight:

Note how two of larger inner elements appear tro make a "V" (or "C") shape. But look at the third example of that cane. That one shows it all as a triangular group of two cane types with three in the middle and three at the points. Now look again at the other two ... it's a case of the white surround slipping into the pattern and seemingly turining it into something else. I don't think this was an attempt at anything special. No more than the cane in the eBay Strathearn weight.

The full view of the weight is in my pages at:

If those are "V" canes, then I have a weight with lots of them - and it must therefore be worth many, many hundreds, or even thousands, of £ or $  :roll:


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