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Mdina or just a lookie likie?

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Have just uncovered this "lovely" item, and have remembered why THIS one was put in the loft :lol:  

To be honest it looks like a stick of rock with the pink and white swirls  (and I don't like rock either :wink: ) but it isn't marked and the base is flat.

Could it be Mdina or a copy of or just a ................

.........little stick of Blackpool rock :P


Sorry Barb
but this doesn't strike me as having any relationship to Mdina.
Other maltese production seems to be most often marked and non of those would be obvious candidates IMHO

So what is it ?
Sorry I have no immediate suggestions !
Ivo ? Anyone ?

Hi Peter,

Thats OK, I really am not all that keen on it ( can you tell) and am about to list it and would like to give it the right definition.

Its really heavy though, just had a thought could it be "Chinese" :lol:

Will just put Art Glass Vase, that should cover all the bases.


I would think Mdina because a/ they're no stranger to pink and b/ the perfume with the hanging stopper (missing) is quite specific - I've never seen it from anyone else.
But then, maybe it s not...

:D :D :D

I'm not sure about this one, Babara! You could try asking the archive people at IoWSG.

Pink is indicative of later Mdina, as is white. It is a Mdina shape, I've seen this pattern in tortoiseshell colours. I've not seen a piece like this.


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