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Bill G:
The Swedish Museum of Design will be located in the glass works at Pukeberg. It is becoming a very interesting place to visit.
The management of Orrefors Crystal Group has announced Orrefors and Kosta Boda are up for sale.
They have closed down Sandvik which had an exciting history within Swedish glass.
Your figure does not ring a bell. The Swedes did not seem to want to add to the design of these types of
figurines with acid treatment or sand blasting. It seems
more European than Scandinavian.
Have no real clues. Sorry
Bill Geary

Thanks Bill
Can you give us an inkling of what was so exciting at Sandvik ?
Presumably before the Orrefors take-over in 1918 ? after which I guess production was not identified as being from that factory ?
You only give a short bio of the firm in Scandinavian Glass - Creative Energies - and no pics that I can see. Have you written any other books on Scandinavian Glass ? I can't find any others on Amazon.
Doesn't the Sandvik name live on in the construction industry ?

Peter: Sandvik was a wholly owned subsidiary of Orrefors. It was the focal point for the early concept in
Swedish glass of creating beautiful things for everyday life. Gate; Hald and others at Orrefors designed simple designs created in soda glass. There are a few pamphlets produced in Swedish by Orrefors on Sandvik but I know of no other books.
I have been working on a book on Edvin Öhrström and a new one on the drawings of the artists used to create
glass at the Swedisg glasworks. Must find a publisher for this one.
I hope you enjoyed my book.
Bill Geary

I have discovered that vases similar to the one posted by Paradisetrader may be confused with vases of similar shape and size by Walther Glass of Germany. Date @ 1970's


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