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I have a set of crucifix candlesticks known to be from the imperial glass company, these rare candle sticks are known in mary gold carnival glass and crystal. mine are crystal the crucifix candle stick is 9 1/2" tall and is very heavy glass. If anyone has any information on these or can give me an approximate appraisal please contact me.

 The information I have is that they were given to my grand parents fpr a wedding gift in the early 1900's.
 Thank you

When I had my auction house we sold a pair of these back in 1999 for £740, I never knew if that was good or bad, but we did have 4 phone bidders on them.

thank you , um i.m canadian ...what is E740 ? you have any data on them ?

At todays rate, 740 euro is 1,041.73 Canadian Dollars :lol:  :lol:

I'm afraid not, but I'm Glen will be able to give you the full run down on them when she comes in later as she really is the queen of carnival glass and extremely knowledgeable. Not sure what the Cad $ is at present, but that equates to around 1,260 US$.


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