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crucifix candlesticks

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Sheesh  Ed your difficult

Unfortunately Canada is the most difficult in this respect, as I do not know whether, in respect of imported glass, your country should be regarded as British Empire / Commonwealth, or a close neighbour of the USA, or both. I suspect the last of these, with added input from France.

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I have been following this with some interest. When it comes to glass Canada and the US are very much intertwined. Many EAPG patterns made in America can also be atributed to Canadian glass works which would lead one to suspect an interchange of molds.
As far as the crucifix candlesticks, the early years when Boston and Sandwich glass and the New England glass companies were operating can be very confusing. We are talking here about 1850-1860 era. Different bases, candle cups etc. were used in different combinations causing attribution very difficult.
You state with certainty that yours are Imperial glass. Imperial glass operated in Bellaire, Ohio from1901 till 1984. Of course pictures as they say are worth a thousand words. Terry

Hi Terry ....  these candlesticks were recently give to me .. the info I have is what the person who gave them to me found in a book somewhere. ..... the only for real info i have is that they were given to my grandparents as a wedding gift.  

they do have an 8  sided base, i belive from what info was provided to me on here that that are original.

Hotglass provided a pic via link to what appears to be the same as what I have.

so ...... Im still in the same boat , where are they from ? .. USA what part ? Approx value ?  Are so many available they arnt worth much ? . I'm not intending to sell ...... but if I passed them on will my kids see more value from them ?

 One thing i did notice about my pair was .... from the mold casting there are several lines .  (Flaws)..... marks from ??? ...... my experience with ceramics .... tells me this was an old mold very ..... well used mold.

Thanx again for all the input and info



--- Quote from: "Hotglass" ---I think you guys are (unintentionally) misleading the lady with those high valuations.
The scarcity, demand and availablity of the Carnival version is vastly different to the clear.

Chuggy, yours may have been original Sandwich ones which would explain their price. Either that or your bidders got carried away and were ignorant of the huge availablity of these in the States.

Imperial themselves have re-issued these at various times over many years. Many other companies have made slight variations.

Here is a recently sold 8 sided one on Ebay.

Draw your own conclusions
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Are you indicating that this particular candlestick is a repro by Imperial or a third party.    Tony.

Tony, edited your message, you cannot install code or use Javascript nor html. The code tag is to allow examples of BBCODE to show in the post. When you quote a message, your message should be after the closing quote tag. Click edit on your post to see how it looks now.

As to Lorne perhaps Bernard can elaborate?

All I can see is - The Marquis of Lorne Pattern: A Canadian Connection in English Pressed Glass. (Marquis & Marchioness creamer, 5 3/4". Beautifully executed in design detail, this creamer portrays a likeness of both the Marquis & the Marchioness of Lorne on opposite sides of the pitcher. The Marchioness was Louise, the daughter of Queen Victoria. Her husband, the Marquis of Lorne, became the Governor General of Canada in 1878. This pitcher commemorates the arrival of the royal couple in Nova Scotia on November 25, 1878. It was made by Greener Glass Co. in England)


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