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Regarding the Azurene range.

In 1979, I believe Iestyn Davies while a student worked for a short time at IOW.

c1986 Stuart Strathearn introduced several designs by Iestyn and the Ebony & Gold range bears a strong similarity in decoration to Azurene. Reports from employees referred to an big 'discussion' between these two companies.

I am interested in how that discussion was resolved, assuming it did happen?

Iestyn Davies (Bill Davies otherwise known) worked here at slightly later date and helped, with knowledge from other students at the Stourbridge College, to design a limited edition range produced at the studio during the mid eighties.
Having asked Elizabeth Harris she can not recollect Michael Harris having discussions with Stuart Strathearn about the Azurene but if Iestyn Davies had discussions with them we are unable to comment.
The Azurene was a special commission from the RCA in 1977-78 for Michael Harris to design a new type of surface decoration and with William Walkers help who worked very closely alongside Michael Harris the Azurene was born, this later won awards at the Design Council in 1979 and is still in production today having undergone many transformations.



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