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A Carnival Glass Icon is "up for grabs"


If my topic heading caught your eye, then I am sure that tomorrow's auction (Saturday 29th April) results will, in one way or another. I thought the glass community might be interested in knowing about this topical item.

But to save you from having to read it:

Auction house is Wroda Auction Services
Estimated value is between $60,000 and $95,000

I have just written a short illustrated article about what is arguably one of the greatest Carnival Glass icons - the blue Peoples' Vase. It goes to auction tomorrow. You can read the story if you just go to my website
and choose Millersburg Peoples' Vase (bottom centre of page).

There are also a couple more recently added articles on Brockwitz pieces and Inwald vases, if anyone is interested.


Great articles Glen. :D  :D

I am not sure ithat f I had $60,000 to $95,000 if I would spend it on a vase though. (and it may even fetch more.........)

Please keep us informed Glen............I am really curious. 8)

P.S. I read them earlier whilst trying to find another piece.

I'm curious too, Della!

Of course it may not even sell. It's always possible that it just won't go. It's rare (almost unknown) for USA Carnival auctions to have reserve prices, so this alone is a landmark. I'd like to guess what it will go for - and I'll write it down now and I promise I will tell you if I was way off, or fairly close, when the price is known.


PS And thanks Della, for your kind words.  :oops:

It is a staggering amount, but then it is an iconic piece of glass.

Millersburg's glass is also very sought after as they only produced for a limited time - it's the stuff of legends actually. And by the way, the company was run by one of the Fenton brothers.



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