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GTS Mystery Set 20 Uranium glass trinket set - parts of

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I have found a part trinket set which I cannot find the maker for. I saw the same pattern listed on eBay a while ago, in a sort of peachy colour, but with no attribution.

I looked on Pamela's site and various other places but cannot find a set like this - does anyone know the maker please?  It is uranium glass - glows like mad under a UV light.

Bagley :?: , she says without looking in the book, it has that Bagely colour. Will look later

Thanks Christine, I must add the Bagley book to my library. (I know it's not in the Sowerby catalogues on Glen's Sowerby CD's, and it doesn't appear to be Davidson so Bagley is an option.)

No, don't think so after all. There is definitely someone who made a fair amount of glass in that Bagley, bluish shade of green uranium glass that we haven't identified yet. How does the colour compare with your Brockwitz bowl? Most of the green uranium you find is in shades of yellow green or grass or emerald green.

Thanks for checking Christine. All my uranium glass is a similar colour except for one powder bowl of unknown make. Some is Brockwitz ,some Sowerby, some unknown. I'll try setting it all up for a pic together in the same light and see if that shows anything helpful.  :)


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