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GTS Mystery Set 20 Uranium glass trinket set - parts of

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I have a smaller sized dressing table set and have trawled the usual first stops for id and have come up blank,any help would be useful then i can get back to the housework before my butt becomes the size of a small county ;)

You and me both, Lynn !  ;D   This is an unknown set still. It also comes in uranium green, clear, and a sort of cinnamon browny colour too (and maybe other colours I've not seen yet), but so far has evaded identification.

Thanks Anne,its nice to see the smaller ones.

John Smith:
I do have a pair of these boxes with lids of this pattern, in rich-golden amber glass. I have always considered them to be Davidson, but not hand-on-heart! They are not too disimilar to the Osprey pattern glassware by Bagley... A further contender perhaps?

Neither Bagley nor Davidson


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