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GTS Mystery Set 20 Uranium glass trinket set - parts of

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John Smith:
.... with the greatest of respect Lus, how can you be sure?

My name is NOT Lus; my name is there in my signature

Because I've read both the Bagley and Davidson books (and so has Anne) and it's not there, and the green uranium that this set is also found in is not a shade of green containing uranium that was produced by either Bagley or Davidson.

John Smith:
Erm. "SORRY" Lustrousstone. Had no idea it would offend you, however I too have "Read The Books" and they are here where I'm sat. As for the Angela Bowey, Derek & Betty Parsons, paperback on Bagley, as informative & wonderful as it is, it is my no means A Bagley Glass Bible!  NUMEROUS Bagley items are neither listed nor present in their book. Same can be said about existing Davidson catalogues and dare I say it even Walther and many others. I merely exspress my own observations of which I have a personal understanding and offer my help as i see it. 

John Smith:
.... Incidently, the original question was about the BLUE GLASS set. Not a single gram of Uranium is present to produce this crsytal.

My name isn't Lustrousstone either; my name is Christine. It's in my signature at the bottom of my posts.

No-one said Lynn's items were uranium but Anne said

--- Quote ---You and me both, Lynn !  Kissy  This is an unknown set still. It also comes in uranium green, clear, and a sort of cinnamon browny colour too (and maybe other colours I've not seen yet), but so far has evaded identification.
--- End quote ---

And Anne has spent more hours than she cares to remember looking at such sets.

I'm also sure that if you have information that can identify hitherto unknown Bagley glass items, the author and owner of this board, Angela Bowey, would be delighted with such information for 4th edition (having only just finished the third edition).


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