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GTS Mystery Set 20 Uranium glass trinket set - parts of

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Hi Chris, nice to see you back!  :-*

I'm both collecting and documenting them. I have around 80 trays and 15 boxes of pots, candlesticks and other parts so far (probably around 300 items.)  I've probably got enough to be a small exhibition somewhere!  ;D

I'm also collecting images sent to me by kind folks here and elsewhere to add to the GTS site. It's a bit behind at the moment as I have little time to spare to update it, but it'll get done bit by bit.

I don't have a piece in this cinnamon colour yet, I have green and clear so far, so have only seen an image of the colour and it might be a trick of the camera and not cinnamon at all! ;D I've just checked and it is made in amber as well, as I found a set listed in amber on eBay. 

More threads here on the same set with oval handled tray and chevron type pattern for merging please Mods.,39097.0.html,47164.0.html Mod: Merged, ta Jayne. :)


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