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Amberina Swirl Jug/Pitcher (Polished Pontil)

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Have aquired this Amberina swirl pitcher. Having trouble identifying the maker/age. I believe its more than likely American. Its 6.5 inches tall x 5.5 inches handle to spout. Weighs just under 1kg (820grams). It has a polished concave pontil and a applied handle with 90 degree bend top and curling bottom.
Thanks for any help

I am going to suggest Pilgrim glass but please do not take my word for it as I am new. The shape of the handle is unusual. I would be very interested to read what the other more knowledgeable folks here have say. Good luck!

Thankyou, I thought Pilgrim glass too, but just cant seem to find it anywhere. I thought the handle shape would be something to make it easier to find but not. Thanks for your help.

IMHO England and Bohemia could also be options

Managed to find a link refering to it as Victorian but not much more.

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