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Small vase, peacock iridescence, with enamaled flowers -- Bohemian?

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Black base glass (purple when looked against the light), peacock iridescence, with enamaled flower decoration.
11 cm high, moulded base with huge amount of wear.
Rim polished and bevelled, and seems to have had gilding which has worn off.

I have found similar pieces online by Harrach or Poschinger, but I guess others may have made those as well...

Any info about maker and age (if possible :) ) highly appreciated as usual!


My own research came up with lots of similar pieces, most attributed to Harrach or Poschinger...

If I undestood it properly, this seems to be referred to as "Bronze Glass".

Warren Galle states that a lack of a polished pontil mark would point towards Harrach >> Link (there are 2 vases in a similar style on that site).

TheGildedCurio shows several Harrach Bronze vases:
>> Link 1
>> Link 2
>> Link 3

But there are many very similar pieces found online attributed to Poschinger:
on Rosa Maria's site: >> Link >> Link

I don't know much about enameled decoration, so it is hard for me to judge the quality in mine (and if it would point to one of these makers -- or in a totally different direction ???)

And am I right in thinking this was made around 1900?


flying free:
Hi Michael
I love the colour and iridescence on the glass.  It's not what I collect, and I know nothing at all about Poschinger, but I'll have a look in my books later and see if I can spot a match for the shape and size. 

The implication from one of your links is that Poschinger would have had a polished pontil mark I think?  My best guess might be Harrach for the body glass.   There looks to be the remains of a stamped circular mark on the base in your photo?  is there perhaps? 

I'm not at all sure about the enamelling - again it's not really what I collect in style, it looks a little cottage'y', but Harrach did do a wide variation on enamelling I think from what I've read.

Need to get some time later (school hols at the mo) and will come back if I find anything.


M, thank you so much for your help!

I have to admit that this sort of enameling is not what I would look out for, but I loved the iridescence...

I have rechecked the base very carefully, and I don't see a stamped mark (the circular thing seems to be some technical artefact, maybe from cooling or similar). Detail pic attached.

I am curious if you can find some more info! (As you are one of the top researchers here on the board :) )


flying free:
Hi Michael

On my monitor the base of your vase appears to show a circle with another circle inside it right around the dimply mould mark on the base.  Of course it could just be something to do with the mould, but it looks properly circular to me as if it might have been the outline of a stamp or something. 
The Harrach propellor mark I think did appear with a thick circle around it ... mm but I'm wondering on the other hand, if the circle mark is still slightly apparent then might not the propellor mark that would have been inside it also still be apparent. 
Picture bottom right on this page link shows the Harrach propellor or actually the plumes, inside a circle if you see what I mean?
This is a later acid stamp mark on this page
Can you see what I mean about the circle mark?  or is it just me imagining it?


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