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Possible Ed Iglehart Bottle Vase

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I bought this small vase recently as it looked interesting. It looks like one of the last owners put his own label on the base with the makers name and where and when bought.

Although the name on the label is not quite right with the le looking more like a u I feel sure it is Ed Iglehart.

Any help to comfirm this please would be much appreciated.

Height 4.25" / 11cm. 

Thanks Roy

It looks right. The trailing is slightly unusual on a bottle, but it's still absolutely "right" for Ed's work.

Superb vase love it i have only seen pieces in sandy shades this is stunning

I have two small blue bottles - Ed does use these blues as well as the sandy shades.  :)

Thanks Sue for your help. With out the label and google I would not have had a clue where to start.



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