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Anyone know anything about Victorian Christmas Kugels?

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I have been gone a month for work, so wanted to post this to the group.  I found this at the Harrisburg PA "National".  This is a victorian Christmas Tree ornament ("Kugel" in the original German).  This one was bought by an American at the Newark Antique Fair in England, then brought to the USA.  He bought three of them, and kept one for himself.  He had two for sale, but I was the only one that bought one, as they were VERY expensive, but I could not pass up the opportunity.  This one is 3.5 inches in diameter.  The little metal holder at the top has "S.D.M. Ltd., BRITISH MADE stamped on the top flat surface, but, this could be a replacement part from a different ornament. I also did a google search on this and found nothing relevant.  Have also searched the Victorian Christmas ornament pages, and have found nothing similar.
I only bought one, but offer a composite photo here so you can see it with different backgrounds, UV light, etc.  the second link shows where the pontil rod was broken off.  As you can see in the close-up photo in the second link, the glass is thick.  It weighs too much to be hung on a tree as an ornament, which is how the very early ones were made.
Any help or debunking of my thoughts is appreciated!

Dave Peterson
aka: Mr. Vaseline Glass

Paul ADK:
If you have not seen it, perhaps this link will answer some of your questions.

Yes, I did run across that link, but am trying to find out if anyone knows of a company in England (or elsewhere) that made VASELINE OPALESCENT (URANIUM) glass Christmas tree ornaments.  
All that I have seen have been with the reflective metal lining.

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "mrvaselineglass" ---... The little metal holder at the top has "S.D.M. Ltd., BRITISH MADE stamped on the top flat surface, but, this could be a replacement part from a different ornament. ...
--- End quote ---

Dave — Wonderful and unexpected object.   I am not surprised you just had to have one.   I wouldn't know where to start with attribution.    Most, but not all, British mounted table glass was sold by the glassworks to the metalbashers, who then added their contribution and sold it on to their trade clients.   There is not even a trend with other types of British glass.

I think you are pessimistic about the possibility of a later mix-and-match.   Of course it's possible, but the two parts go together so well.   I wouldn't even classify it as a Christmas Tree Ornament, which makes the holder seem like some sort of temporary stand, but an Epergne, a Fabulous Eclectic Epergne!

The initials on the holder are new to me.

Sorry I can't help more.

By the way, was this glass pressed or mould blown?   Is it a simple pointed diamond pattern, or more complicated like Heacock II Edition 2 549/550?

Bernard C.  8)

In reading your comments, I got the feeling you were talking about the metal as being the elaborate, tall, black holder.  THAT was bought at an antique shop that sells modern Christmas tree ornaments and they had numerous display holders, costing $3 US each.  The part I am referring to (that had the initials) is the little gray cap with the metal loop that attaches to the Kugel, so that it can be hung from the big black display holder.

I just received an email from another person who thought this was most likely a 'crib' or backyard piece, never in regular production from a factory.  I have a few of those type pieces, but did not think of it immediately when I found this piece.  

A mold was used to make the opalescent spot pattern (when the gather was about the size of a chicken egg), but after it was put in the glory hole to achieve the opalescent treatment, it was then blown free of any mold.

Dave (aka: Mr. Vaseline Glass)


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