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Anyone know anything about Victorian Christmas Kugels?

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As these were so widely made it would be impossible to tie down a maker, I have catalogues of these from across Europe though all are 20th century. I would not be too quick to assume they are friggers although no doubt glassmakers did often make their own decorations - visit any glass-blowers' home!

Bernard C:

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In reading your comments, I got the feeling you were talking about the metal as being the elaborate, tall, black holder.  THAT was bought at an antique shop that sells modern Christmas tree ornaments and they had numerous display holders, costing $3 US each.  The part I am referring to (that had the initials) is the little gray cap with the metal loop that attaches to the Kugel, so that it can be hung from the big black display holder. ...
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Dave — Yes, you are quite right.   I got that well and truly wrong, didn't I?   That's two major blunders on this message board in as many days.   I was caught with a third today.   A colleague was visiting, and I switched from battery power on my camera to an external power supply.   I took the batteries out before plugging in.   He pointed out that I don't need to do this.   I showed him the handbook, and he had to agree that it didn't actually say anywhere that I could use both.    For six years I've been unnecessarily taking the batteries out and putting them back in again.

I think three blunders must be a good luck omen.   I timed it well as I have my City & Guilds Access database assessment on Tuesday morning.   I am hoping for not just a pass but a distinction.   I start PowerPoint on Wednesday, hopefully!

I will not edit them away — they might make someone smile.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi, I am assuming these are Kugels.  I bought them some years ago as victorian glass christmas tree ornaments...other than that I know nothing about them.  Does anyone have any more info please?>


'Kugel' just means 'ball', doesn't it? I'm always pottering around, and its applied to anything that's spherical (it's mostly 1960's lamps and speakers that I hunt for, but I assume it's used similarly elsewhere).

Very nice bauble, though.  :D

Yes it does a better term for these is Glaskugels. Literally Glass balls. I dug out one catalogue, which is German, it could well illlustrate the type starting the thread as well as Emmi's type. The pineapple type sold for 1 Mark a piece. Only the balls are called Glasskugels, others are referred to as Kugelform. Many are just call Verzierungen - decorations. Ones intended for Xmas trees are call Christbaumschmuck.


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