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Interesting early Mdina bowl with ground pontil. Please be critical !!

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I bought this on ebay and it was listed under date-lined studio glass and the seller said the previous owner had bought it in London during the 1960's.

To me it looks early Mdina , with lots of bubbles and a deep blue.

The rim has a bevelled edge and it looks as if it was ground and polished.

The base has a slightly tooled foot all the way around.

Could the bevelled edge be restoration or was it done to grind out a burst surface bubble or just to finish it off ?

If it was bought in London in the 1960's could it possibly be a pre-Mdina, Michael Harris piece...this latter theory is highly unlikely IMHO ....I'm just trowing it in as a possible !

Has anyone seen this bowl listed on e-bay before ? The seller was from Scotland.

It's quite a small bowl , only 8cm tall with a 12.5 cm diameter at the rim.

Please be as critical as possible  :o   Thanks very much for looking !!


More pics.....

last one....

WMF Ikora (I am rather sure :) )

Checked the Ikora book, there is a bowl in the 1928 catalogue (PN 1/1833, 13 cm diameter), which seems to have the same decor as yours...

Nice find!


Well , you could knock me down with a feather  :o I had convinced myself it was Mdina !!! I had no idea what-so-ever ! Ahhhh.....


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