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elephant handled bowl lid. ID = L E Smith

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Paul S.:
Regret I have the lid only, eight sided in frosted pink, with diameter about 4.5" (115mm).      Am thinking it's possibly part of a trinket set, but despite a little look around, haven't seen anything to match  -  expect someone will recognize it fairly quickly.
Thanks for looking :)

Hi Paul,
Known as Battling/Kissing Elephants and features on pages 14/15 of Margaret and Ken Whitmeyers book called Bedroom and bathroom Glassware of the depression years. I cant see wear they attribute this design to a particular maker but they describe the base as "4 1/4 inches in diameter features a recessed horizontal center panel which is intersected by 4 evenly spaced vertical panels." This bottom is common to about 6 different styled lids.
Hopefully someone else will be able to add more information.

flying free:
lovely Paul!
according to this link it was produced by LE Smith.  I don't know anything about American Glass but hopefully someone will be along who can elucidate further.

Yeah its Smith. Whitmyers didn't have 1/2 the attributions to vanity items until Tom Felt published the Smith book in 2007. Smith made a very significant percentage of all U.S. vanity items (glass). 

Paul S.:
thanks very much to all three of you :)        So am assuming it's a stand alone vanity item, and wouldn't have been part of a trinket set, and looking at the colours in the link appears to be pink satin.               Must admit I'm not entirely au fait with a date line for the States 'depression' period, but tend to think of something like 1925 - 1935.
If anyone has the bowl (or broken lid) and would like a perfect lid (free) to complete the piece let me know, and thanks again.


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