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Carnival Vase tops $100,000 at auction

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Unlikely we'd find one of those - only ten known. Shame....

It will very possibly raise general awareness and keep prices healthy. But then Carnival is already one of the hottest collectibles in the US. The UK "experts" on the TV just haven't been listening to what goes on in the rest of the world when they sneer at Carnival.

The trend that we have seen over the past few years is for the rare and /or really beautiful pieces (not always rare) to hold their prices very well indeed, and often set records. This one certainly bore out the trend.

I need to correct the price, by the way. I will edit it above. Brian just emailed me to say it actually sold for $100,000. If you watch the video you'll see it sell. American auctions are absolutely fascinating to bid in and watch. They are so fast. I'm always to scared to bid - Steve has had to do it when we have been there!


On a serious note though, an amazing sale. The lady at the front was very excited. Thanks for clarifying the price. I watched the video 3 times and wasn't sure if the sale price was $100,000 or $102,000, but I couldn't hear the 101. However, as you said, the sale was soooo quick, it was quite hard to follow.

Good grief! Glen, that is astounding!!!  :shock:

Della, the lady standing at the front was Paula Bingham - it was the Binghams' glass that was being auctioned. The guy who was holding the vase and walking with it as it was being auctioned was her husband, Pete. (And Della.... :lol:  :lol: to what you said about shipping it to you...I don't think I have a box big enough  :lol: )

It's absolutely fascinating to attend a US auction, as the auctioneers have a pacy sing-song style that mesmerises. Unlike British auctions, they "call" the figure ABOVE the one they have a bid for. That's why Jim Wroda was calling $102,000 - he was inviting a bid for that amount. In fact the bid he had was $100,000 and he was going in a two thousand dollar increment.

Not many people have ever seen something go over 100,000! At the lower prices, the increments are like $5 and then $10 - then they jump to $50 and $100 increments. I don't know what the breakpoints are, but maybe one of our US members can tell us that.

I have to say that the items on sale in that auction were top notch. Unusual and scarce colors, rare shapes and patterns. Beautiful, sought-after glass.

There was one piece that wasn't glass - and it's kind-of interesting to me, as it was a miniature painting of the carnival "Good Luck" design that I did. I had taken it with me to a USA club Convention a few years ago, and I donated it to the carnival club to raise funds in their mini club auction. Pete and Paula bought it, and it was included in their auction as item 211a, with my name. So in a tiny way, I was part of the biggest Carnival auction ever.  :shock:


Thanks Glen, that was wonderful. I attended an auction yesterday myself.
As to breakpoints, I believe that is up to the individual auctioneer.
The auction I attended only had two pcs. of carnival. Both marigold, the Imperial Wedding ring rose bowl was damaged, but the Fenton orange tree mug wasn't.
For those not familiar with American auctions, they can be quite fun and very fast paced.
Again thanks for sharing that with us. Terry


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