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In the past I've tried to to find information on William Swingewood and his history and from reading it seems Frank had also been looking into this at various points. So I've grouped together all the current information on the board on William Swingewood for future reference.

Threads on William Swingewood:

Intro from Paul whose Great Grandad was Bill Swingewood,26270.msg233768.html#msg233768,14041.msg290716.html#msg290716

‘Hi all,
With regard to Bill Swingewood and the confusion that seems to be around. There were indeed two William Henry Swingewood's.
William Henry Swingewood b1916 (My Grandfather) and William Henry Swingewood b1893 (My Great Grandfather)
Some lamp work was made up until recently by my uncle - Colin Swingewood. - My one regret in life is not sitting with my Grandfather with his lamp at his studio in the back garden in Stourbridge.
I hope that clears up any confusion.
Regards – Paul’,52826.msg300040.html#msg300040,51178.msg290082.html#msg290082

Swingewood examples posted on this thread here,51274.msg290705.html#msg290705
More reading – past threads and posts:,43098.msg240137.html#msg240137,44134.msg245726.html#msg245726,2287.msg245917.html#msg245917,2287.msg246324.html#msg246324,14041.msg90198.html#msg90198,43394.msg246342.html#msg246342



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