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Victorian Liqueur Set

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I was going simply by form and color....?? Im in the USA maybe quite different than from your parts. My personal opinion is that it does look like a set, not a marriage?? And it looks very much like glass we find here that is Mid Century modern. Do not find colors like that typical of the 19th century. So You could say jmho I would search makers like Blenko, Pilgrim, Rainbow glass  :D


I am searching so if you wouldn't mind giving the measurments in inches?  :oops: or will take me hours to figure Do you know how much liquid they hold? the glasses and the decanter?


I'm in the US, currently Indiana with a lot of time in Southeast Ohio and born in West Virginia.  I'm fairly familiar with the companies you name, and this isn't anywhere like what they did.

This combination, often in darker shades, was used by several companies in the late 19th century.  You may be thinking of some of the frilly items that get called Victorian, which was a poor choice of terms on my part since there really is no such style as Victorian.

Now if I was going to attribute glass like this to a WV company (the location of the companies you mentioned), I would much sooner go with Northwood or Hobbs, but it would still be circa 1885-1900.  However, I don't think either of those companies used this color combination.


Hmmmm....well I just did a quick search and only companys with that color combo. were the ones I mentioned.

What 1800's glass company were you thinking??? I would certainly like to hear/know/learn.. :P


Is the stopper blown or solid, also it bullseye, flattened or round?

A larger picture would be helpful.


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