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For Cambridge lovers thought I would share

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First I have ever held in my hands and it's a pretty!  :D



That is truly scary!

What a reaction! To fill you all in at what you are seeing, This is called the flying nude in some circles. In the Cambridge catalogs it is described as a 10 inch fruit or flower center. The color of the glass is known as Crown Tuscan and the decoration is Carlton. It is one of the most sought after pieces by Crown Tuscan collectors and needless to say is very expensive. Not to everyone's taste I am sure, but then what piece of glass is? Terry

wow atruheart! That is a VERY special piece! and the condition of the decoration still looks to be excellent.

Congrats  :P

PLEASE don't anyone take offence, but on a purely personal level I think it's ghastly and can only give thanks that they are rare and I may go through life without seeing another.
I would say that my own tastes, however, are highly questionable at times and as with all things there is definitely not one size fits all where glass is concerned.


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