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How about glass beads?

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This is a little different kind of glass and I hope it's alright
to post this in here? I post because maybe some of you will enjoy
these glass beads (for jewelry) by this lady. Maybe paperweight
lovers will like them? :D I just happened on the link while
searching for jewelry stones/beads suppliers.

... and maybe I won the lotto tonight and can go on a shopping spree
tomorrow, online and off ... one hopes ... if I did, I'll remember that some of you have some pretties to sell :D


Hi K,
thanks for sharing, they are lovely beads. :)
I think many of us glassies enjoy beads because they show the many techniques of glass-making in a miniature & wearable form. Plus you can have thousands of them & they take up hardly any space! :lol:
Unlike collections of vases,lamps,bowls,etc.....
I have heard of a theory that the first ever glass objects were beads & small bead-like amulets.
So beads occupy a very important place in the history of glass.


I don't know the lady with the glass beads whose links I gave you as I just happened on her link last night, and they reminded me of paperweights and marbles (which I've noticed mentioned in here too :) )  and I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these beads, which I think are beautifully done glass, though they are contemporary and not old antique or collectibles. To tell the truth I wasn't quite sure where to post about them in this forum and didn't do the marketplace area because my intention was not at all about flogging or promoting sales for that lady, and I also sort of half expected that I may be told that contemporary jewelry beads don't belong in this forum at all (but remembered the marbles and paperweights mentions in here :) I'm glad this forum is open to talk about glass beads too, which goes way back in history too, so thanks for letting me know that the subject is okay in here. I guess I should have used the search in here for beads before posting. Argh! ;)

If you think this thread/posts better belong in another category in here, or should not be in here at all, then they shouldn't :) Move or delete it as suits the appropriateness of this forum (which I'm still new to and learning about what suits and what doesn't in here. I'm the newcomer visitor and it's not my call when I'm so new to this stuff and place and don't know the ins/outs of it ) I'm learning though :D


PS: That link to those particular works (beads) was the ONLY glass bead link I was impressed with as something special. I don't know of other contemporary links to be impressed with the creative skills as yet because I just started searching last night. I'm more interested in "old" glass stuff, but the beads above just stood out. ;)

Here is one of my favorite glass bead artists -

Kandice Seeber - Air and Earth Designs

I have collected her pieces for years.

I have one of her earlier pieces for sale on my website.  It is a bracelet that she made before limiting her work to strictly beadmaking. I bought for myself but it was a little too big and I never had it resized  :oops:


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