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How about glass beads?

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Hi Connie, nice beads there!

All this browsing and talk of glass beads makes me
miss being able to do jewelry. My hands fail me for
most things now. If they 'worked" I think I'd take up
learning how to make glass in general ... beads, vases, bowls,
what have you. I've never seen a glass blower at work
but it would be fascinating to watch things being born.
Even more so to be the maker!


Hi K.

Beads have of course been an important source of income for glassmakers from early days and have also been used as a form of money as well as decoration. In the US, mostly, it has become an art form too.


--- Quote from: "Frank" ---Hi K.

moved to the glass forum as the cafe is for shortlived chats and this is in interesting subject that has not been touched on much.
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Hi Frank,

Thanks for letting me know :) Glass beads certainly do have their long history and value that IS very interesting - and world impacting when thinking about their role in the formation of North America.

I'm so new to this glass thing that I thought Murano was a glass designer, NOT a place :D and it was interesting to learn that Murano glass beads were, and are, such a large part of our early history here (I'm Canadian). Amazing to see these early beads, especially on Native clothing and accessories, are major collectibles and antiques, and so sought after these days by museums and collectors. Their history connection, and their beauty, smallness, and variety of uses, like decorative touches to lamps and such, make them pretty cool, hey? :)

When I was into making jewelry I stayed away from glass for the most part and used real stones, gems, and things like horn and bone, etc. I really didn't know or appreciate the history of glass back then. Too bad :(


Are you collecting beads, or is there anyone else looking in who does?

Buttons are a fairly established collecting field and I know of a few collectors but they are not to worried about the material the more sought after buttons fetch quite substantial money. Gathering info on the web for beads is not so easy as the emphasis is on there making or use for crafts. But there are a few:

Nice modern bead:

But these must be fun to hunt out:

More links in our link list


--- Quote from: "Frank" ---Are you collecting beads,
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Hi again,

Not really "just to collect them" but I won't stop picking up
pieces now if I come across them and can afford them. I live on an extremely small and tight budget, but beads are fairly inexpensive and small. A good area to start collecting, and if selling, postage would be small as well! (I used to buy used necklaces and other jewelry that would work for me to break apart and remake them into earings and such)

Thanks for the links ... I'll check them out.

And buttons ... that's yet another whole different area LOL Many GLASS buttons out there too I'll bet!


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