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1m 14cm (3' 9") of wine?

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Hi everyone,

I found this gun today, filled with Italian wine(?). :?

Does anyone have any idea as to the age of the bottle?
How long will red wine stay drinkable in a clear it even wine?
Should I even drink it, or should I leave well alone? (I remeber Nic posing this question once, but I can't find the thread)

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

I can't get a better photo of the whole gun (flintlock) because it is so large.

TIA  :)

Hi Della,
these bottles are still being sold! My favourite local bottle shop (in Sydney's Little Italy, Leichardt) sells these same massive novelty bottles of wine (one suspects not the finest of wines :D )
There are rifles, mermaids,towers; all kinds of crazy shapes to kitsch up your home bar!
As for drinkability, it's probably vinegar by now.......I wouldn't recommend it!
Still, a very fun bottle & great conversation piece.

Thanks Marinka. :D

I bought it because it covers both my OH hobby (shooting) and and wine :wink:  :lol:

open it, I command you to open it - or else you will be punished by burning curiosity.
Novelty bottles are usuallty made by VE, Vetreria Empoli who produce (among many things) the well known models poodle - pussycat - guitar - leaning tower of Pizza - fish - elephant - camel - colosseum - san pedro - sailing ship.  The gun is not theirs, btw.


Even if it's turned to vinegar, you could cook with it, or clean windows with it (if it's not good enough to cook with).
Then fill it with coloured water - you can change it any time you like - and display it!

I love strange bottles....:mrgreen:


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