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A Swedish salmon pink vase featuring Stockholm Town Hall


I am a t my wits' end..trying to find out about a piece that was given to my Stepfather by his sister who resided in Sweden and had a holiday home in Oland.  She made several trips to the UK  and worked for Amnesty International.  Some time in the 1970's.Margaret gave my stepfather an engraved Salmon pink vase with the Stockholm city Hall prominently displayed.  The bottom paper label is ripped,but appears to have a green -seashell like logo and  letters   * ond appear.  I have tried reverse searching,reading articles and googling Swedish glass All in vain..

I realise that this may be the wrong forum to post,but as a newbie,do not know which thread I should have used..Can anyone help?
Kind regards

Welcome to the forum Paul.

Photos of the vase and the remains of the label are needed really. There are help topics here:,22.0.html

If you run into trouble reply to this thread and ask for help. You can add up to four photos at a time.


thanks's the label....

 and the vase....  ???

Hmmm - not bad, ruby flashed cut-to-clear vase.

The sticker says Kronoberg,  which is not a glass maker but a province - and there are several candidates in that region. The first one that jumps to mind is Aseda who may have supplied the blank to an independent engraver.  I've not seen the sticker before - maybe someone else has.


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