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various weights


I need a bit of help on a few weights I have, the first is a large bubble weight in cranberry? 85 mm. any idea on maker?

This one is 73 mm and is maked CIIG, is this Caithness?

This one is an unusual shape, is it Isle of Wight? 100 mm. the second pic is nearer the colour, it has large bubbles internally. maker?

Is this one even a paper weight? it is pear shaped, small ony 60mm high it has no flat surface for standing it up; Mdina or IOW i would think.

And lastly this Selkirk Paperweight 80 mm high, do they attract much interest, ie. selling or collecting.

appreciate all help  thanks


Here are a few better pics


Hi Paul,

CIIG, is Caithness and marked so as it is a second.  :)

Hi Della

Thanks for that, something new for me to learn. I am wading through a table top full of various glass at the moment, it will take forever, I think, must get on!



Hi Paul, it's better if you can to get the Caithness firsts, which means that the name Caithness is etched on the bottom.

I don't know the other two weights.


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