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Sowerby ring holder?

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Puting back in the big show case  the clear glass ring holder of the Brockwitz set 03036 ( see my posting and photo of this morning) my eye caught some... other ring holders.... Examining one more carefully I found at my surprise a  Rd number : Rd 64088. Never noticed before.
 I found on internet that it should be  Sowerby....
Anybody an idea if this might be correct. If so, has anybody ever seen the rest of the set?
The ring holder mesures 9 x 9 cm

That would make in 1886, which seems awfully early for this piece, Eugénie. Is there possibly another number there too? I'd have expected a 6 digit one rather than a 5 digit one for the style.  I've not seen a square ringholder by Sowerby and this doesn't show in the catalogues I've looked at.  I do love a good mystery though, so perhaps we'll find it somewhere. :) Can you please check the number again in case it's not too clear?

I agree 1886 is quiet early...... But  I'm afraid this is all there is: R with a smaller D . the D is _ and than immediatly just those figures 64088. Turning it a bit back and forward it's clearly visible.  So... we have a real mystery? Maybe an American one..? Or is the UK the only one using in relief those Rd numbers?

But.... once written the above tex, I searched again on internet "Rd numbers America".... and what did I found ..: Agincourt 17 - his posting GMB January 02,2013 about Heisy US stemware.  somewhere in it, he is talking about this number 64088. It should be of Scotney and Earnshaw 22 of december 1886... I couldn't believe my eyes. What a coincidence.

I'm curious to read Freds comment about this.

Would anybody be so kind to add the link, I havn't a clue how to do that...


Certainly looks like Daisy and Diamond

I can confirm that RD 64088 was registered by Scotney & Earnshaw, London, Merchant on 22 December 1886. Jenny Thompson gives the regsitration description as "pattern for the decoration of glassware".

The Sowerby registration that Eugénie refers to in her first post would seem to be for RD 64086, registered by Sowerby on the same date (22 December 1886).



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