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Amber Vase



This Vase is 12 inches high, in dark amber, I have 2 of them, can you help with identity. Polished flat pontil.

thanks in advance


By 'polished flat pontil' I assume you mean a polished flat base?

I don't know who made this piece, but it has a curious similarity to WF, the quality looks similar anyway.  It is NOT a piece I recognise from them, but the colour looks similar to full lead crystal WF and the rim looks similar to WF pieces.

Hopefully Emmi will be able to help more.  If she misses this, then stick it on to check with the experts.

A better pic of the base would be helpful...the lower half of the vase, and the underneath.

I can see exactly what you are saying Max.  Not one I immediately recognise, but I'll have a "reccie" later - got to go out shortly.  But maybe someone else witll immediately ID it in the meantime.  

How many lobes has it got?  Unless it's the photo, it doesn;t seem to have the right W/F amber colour( a bit too brownish) ...but who knows.  I'll be in touch later.  Bye Emmi

Hi All

Thanks for your help so far, I have just taken pics of the base, if this helps



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