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Perfume flask & lidded pot – clear flashed amber & amethyst – unidentified label


A perfume flask and lidded trinket pot in the same pattern. They appear to be pressed or moulded in clear glass, and are flashed with amber and amethyst. The lidded pot is just under 13mm high, and the perfume flask (with stopper) is 15cm high.

Both pieces have a geometric printed foil label. I believe the translated legend reads “Real Lead Crystal Pressed”, but I don’t recognise the logo on the label.

I have already posted an ID query for the label on GMB at,53050.0.html
but with no response.

ID, comments or suggestions, please

(Permission for the re-use of these image on the GMB granted by timeless-designs).


I wonder if this may be Ernst Buder also, as they certainly produced items with gold flashing and maroon flashing - although I don't know if they did them with both together as here...?


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